The MultiProbe

Global distributed monitoring and recording system

System assignment

The Cloud-based system with WEB interface is intended to provide 24/7 Monitoring, Recording, Playback, Downloading, Analyzing over the distribution of TV and radio channels in the broadcasting networks.

There is a possibility to control the broadcasting networks, as well as automation of processes related to the controlling and supervision activities of Organiztion and monitoring of Information Technology and Mass Media in terms of compliance of government legislation in the field of communication.

System is intended for:

  • Broadcasters,
  • Satellite and OTT operators,
  • TV and Radio Stations,
  • Media Authorities,
  • Media Monitoring Companies,
  • Press Agencies,
  • Advertising Agencies,
  • Content Providers and distributers.

Global map

The main tasks of the System are as follows:

  1. providing of continuous 24/7 monitoring of on-air television and radio broadcasting in analog and digital standards and automated notification special department or users about broadcasting interruption of obligatory public FTA TV and radio channels;
  2. ensuring of controlling and supervision activities held by  territorial authorities Supervision Service through the provision of program recordings; 
  3. receiving, collecting and structured storage of audio and video information of controlled programs to ensure the monitoring of Mass Media;
  4. providing of analytical data on the status of TV and radio broadcasting of obligatory public TV and radio channels on the territory of whole country on the number and duration of broadcasting interruptions that are grouped by place, time and broadcasting operator. 


Each MultiProbe server is able to receive TV and Radio channels from any type of signal, in any formats and standards. As well it is able to receive and collect SNMP data from other devices and provide this information for users in graphs and tables view.

This allows to monitor the health of other equipment and to get any other information from devices, like RF metrics for received signal, analyzing signal, and etc.

Each MultiProbe server can include a few different software modules on each site to get different tools. At this moment it has 3 modules: Analyzer, Viewer, Recorder.


Module that is in charge of the instrumental control of TV and radio broadcasting parameters, which allows tracing the whole signal transmission network from studio to any remote point. Module operates with any input interfaces and types of signals as well as integrates with external receiving and measurement equipment for further characteristics.
Provides instrumental analysis of AV signals and quality of digital signals of DVB-T/T2/C/S/S2 standarts, control of streaming and network QoS parameters (ETSI TR 101-290, IP statistics, meta data, EPG, subtitles, teletext and AD insertion marks), quality control of viewer perception QoE (loss of image and sound, blocking effect, frozen video and black fields, no sound, clipping of sound etc.)


Besides the instrumental control, for users it is essential that system provides the possibility of selected audio-visual assessment of TV and radio broadcasting quality.

The system users have the opportunity of remote review and listening any selected TV and Radio channels in Mosaic view or make preview any single channel in full screen mode from any MultiProbe server and from any location. The video transmission from remote MultiProbe units is carried out in HLS/MPEG DASH formats. This module exactly resolves this task.


It is flexible module for recording TV and radio channels which are under monitoring. It allows effectively encode AV data from SDI, Composite and transcode transport streams MPEG TS using H.264 compression algorithms. All parameters of recording for each channel can be configured individually.

2 recording modes are supported:

  • Ongoing 24/7 cyclic recording mode;
  • Cyclic recording according to schedule or task planning;

Module MultiProbe Record is fully integrated with other modules of MultiProbe system, which means that user can instantly go to the archive from any other module referring on any event in the past, and to review this video segment.
Simple export of selected video segments from the archive to the working places of users with the opportunity of transcoding to any necessary video bitrate and file size or file length and time code overlaying.

The view of distributed MultiProbe points on the map

Email and SMS notifications are available along with the wide range of options for it.
For the exact time synchronization each Probe station has a GPS module onboard.

Easy integration with local Mobile Operators in any country by SNPP protocol for SMS notifications, in case of a big number of subscribers in different departments.

Mosaic view from different 4 MultiProbe locations: USA, UK, Russia, Latvia.

Measurements for Analog Radio Broadcasting:

- Audio FM Noise (%)
The degree of signal noise, FM broadcasting.

- Audio Level (dBFS)
Peak sound level.

- Integrated volume (LUFS)
The value of the integral volume level.

- Radio SyncLock check (Logical)
It indicates the presence of the carrier. 0 - no carrier, 1 - carrier OK.
Measurements for Digital Radio Broadcasting:

- Audio Level (dBFS)
Peak sound level.

- Bitrate (kbit/s)
The bitrate of the incoming traffic.

- Error sound decoding (Logical)
The ability to decode the audio.

- Integrated volume (LUFS)
The value of the integral volume level.

- SCTE35 - Box advertisement (Logical)
Cutting advertising 1 - promotional material 0 - TV program
TR-290 measurements:

- P1 PAT_error_2 (Logical)
Error indicator PAT_error_2

- P1 PID_Error (Logical)
Error indicator PID_error

- P1 PMT_error_2 (Logical)
Error indicator PMT_error_2

- P1 Sync_byte_error (Logical)
Error indicator sync_byte_error

- P1 TS_sync_loss (Logical)
Error indicator ts_sync_loss

- P1 Сontinuity_counter_error (Logical)
Error indicator continuity_counter_error

- P2 CAT_error (Logical)
Error indicator CAT_error

- P2 CRC_Error (Logical)
Error indicator CRC_error

- P2 PCR_Repetition_Error (Logical)
Error indicator PCR_repetition_error

- P2 PCR_accuracy_error (Logical)
Error indicator PCR_accuracy_error

- P2 PCR_discontinuity_indicator_error (Logical)
Error indicator PCR_discontinuity_indicator_error

- P2 Transport_error (Logical)
Error indicator transport_error

- P3 EIT_actual_error (Logical)
Error indicator EIT_actual_error

- P3 NIT_actual_error (Logical)
Error indicator NIT_actual_error

- P3 SDT_actual_error (Logical)
Error indicator SDT_actual_error
Measurements for Digital TV Broadcasting:

- Audio Level (dBFS)
Peak sound level.

- Available closed captioning (Logical)
The presence of text in the Teletext page 888. 1 - availability of
subtitles (data obtained, decoded, and there is a text subtitle);
0 - decoding error, or no data to decode.

- Available teletext (Logical)
The ability to decode teletext. 1 - data is received and decoded;
0 - decoding error, or no data to decode.

- Bitrate (kbit/s)
The bitrate of the incoming traffic.

- Error sound decoding (Logical)
The ability to decode the audio.

- Error video decoding (Logical)
The ability to decode the video.

- Integrated volume (LUFS)
The value of the integral volume level.

- SCTE35 - Box advertisement (Logical)
Cutting advertising 1 - promotional material 0 - TV program

- Speed of information flow (kbit/s)
The total rate of all elementary streams included in the service

- Video Black (%)
The integrated brightness characteristic.

- Video Frozen (%)
The degree of freezing.
T2MI measurements:

- MER (dB)
Modulation Error Rate, MER

- Post-BCH FER (The dimensionless)
Coefficient erroneously decoded frames after correction BCH

- Post-LDPC BER (The dimensionless)
Bit error ratio after correction LDPC

- Pre-LDPC BER (The dimensionless)
Bit error rate before LDPC correction

- SNR (dB)
S / N ratio of the RF signal

- Synchronization Capturing (Logical)
Synchronization Capturing[1 - locked, 2 - no lock]

- The level of the RF signal (dBm)
The level of the RF signal
Measurements for Analog TV Broadcasting:

- ATV RF Level (Relative units)
The signal level from PLANAR.

- Audio Level (dBFS)
Peak sound level.

- Integrated volume (LUFS)
The value of the integral volume level.

- Video Black (%)
The integrated brightness characteristic.

- Video Frozen (%)
The degree of freezing.

- Video Noise (%)
Lack of reception of the analog signal.

Measurements for Probe server:

- Server Alive (Logical)
Indicator server performance.

- Server CPU (%)
The total of all the processes of the CPU utilization.

- Server Memory (%)
The total memory usage.

- Server RAID Load (%)
Download file storage. -100 Means no storage in the system.


Graphs for several different measurements and several different channels at the same time The Tables view for measurements with possibility to export in CSV files
Configurable Home page with bookmarks should to help for staff be easy work with data Services list with all schedules and task planning view for selected MultiProbe server
Schedule Mode and Recording Mode creation for selected TV channel User subscriptions for e-mail and SMS notifications for any events
Antenna settings and system configuration Alarm Events and History view

MultiProbe is totally managed under the WEB-interface, which supports different rights for users and departments as well as geographical separation.

  1. System Administrator – global managing(create, edit, delete) for staff, locations for monitoring, templates for notifications, user rights, full administrator rights, geographycal department separation.
  2. Probe Administrator - configuration of monitoring location MultiProbe, managing staff especially for this department, task planning, video mosaic, editing tasks, video downloading.
  3. Events Planning - user with rights for creation and edditing  control and supervisor tasks.
  4. Probe Administrator + Planning - as 2 items above.
  5. View Reports and record problems, measurements, video viewer and mosaic view.


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