1993 - First overlay card on ISA bus with external VGA controller.

1994 - Overlay card on ISA bus with built-in VGA controller.

1995 - Overlay card on PCI bus.

1996 - Switching all Stream Alpha series cards to PCI bus, beginning design of multi-channel cards for video/audio signal grabbing.

1997 - Overlay card working with pass-through SDI signal.

1998 - Development of Stream Logo SDI logo overlay device and SDI signal grabbing card.

1999 - Start of mass production of surveillance systems cards in Taiwan. First cards based on Trimedia video processor.

2000 - Innovative Motion Wavelet compression mechanism applied in serial production.

2001 - Start of Stream MultiScreen development

2002 - Release of device for multi-channel signal input with transfer to WaveHub network and Motion Wavelet compression mechanism.

2003 - First IP camera. Start of MultiScreen SDI development. Moving into international market.

2004 - Start of mass production of multi-channel grabbing cards with compression based on Trimedia chip, TPG-8 mass production and first MultiScreen sales.

2005 - Start of WaveHub and MultiScreen SDI mass production and sales. Taiwan office opening.

2006 - Design and production start of overlay and surveillance cards on PCI Express bus. Wind SDI card development. Latin America office opening.

2007 - New Stream MultiScreen software sales. Design and production start of new Wind SDI 2 overlay cards, start of mass production of IP cameras, RackHub and WavHub

2008 - Start of development of the Stream Wind SDI HD I/O card for graphic design and broadcast automation systems.

2009 - Active development of Stream MultiScreen TS software for multichannel monitoring of traffic streams in MPEG2, H.264 formats, in HD resolution. The development of multi-channel ASI / SDI signals capture cards of Stream MS-ASI Series. The development of multi-channel HD-SDI input cards of Stream MS-HDSDI series.

2010 - StreamLabs received "Big digit" award in category of "Measurment and control equipment". A new team of programmers - software engineers was formed. New universal drivers and SDK for all types of our motherboards were created, systems of video logging software Stream MultiRec and new version of visual and instrumental monitoring solution Stream MultiScreen were developed.

2011 - Delivery of our MultiScreen and Multirec system to russian TV brand – РТРС as a part of digital broadcasting implementation programme. A lot of educational seminars for PTPC employees were conducted. The second version video logging software Stream MultiRec was developed. A completely brand new version of visual and instrumental monitoring solution StreamMultiScreen for clients using more than 150 broadcasting channels was developed.

2012-2025 - Still working